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Our Advanced Diploma program is specifically designed to help transition students into full-time ministry. The course gives you the opportunity to gain real-life ministry training while furthering academic development. It also equips students with the skills needed to lead and exert influence amongst other ministry leaders.

Graduates will be equipped with the skills they need for a wide range of key leadership and senior ministry roles. Graduates will be able to assume leadership roles such as Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, and Worship Leader, where they are using the leadership, management and ministry skills they developed to help their churches move forward.

Entry into the Advanced Diploma of Ministry requires the successful completion of the Diploma of Ministry. The course combines classes with a practicum placement in Omega Fire Ministries, a local church or recognized ministry.

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Students will train alongside a pastor or key leader at Omega Fire Ministries or other approved ministry or church during the week. Omega Bible Institute America will work with you to tailor a practicum that will further develop your leadership or ministry potential, whilst be positioning you to make a significant contribution to the life of Omega Fire Ministries or your local church.

Innovative Learning Environment
The study program takes place in a variety of contexts including lecture style classes, group work, presentation, self-directed learning activities, workshop, tutorials and work based training. Assessment methods include written assignments such as reports and journals, oral and written presentations, observation, tests, and workplace training.

Your classes will further develop your leadership, ministry and creative skills whilst challenging you to think deeply about your faith and philosophy of ministry for the 21st century. In the third year, all subjects are electives, so that you get to choose the mix of subjects that align with your passions and will best develop your ministry potential. The subjects are drawn from a range of disciplines, such as the Bible, theology, leadership, management, pastoral ministry and creative leadership.


Core Subjects

Advanced Practicum 1 & 2 These are the subjects behind your Practicum. As you work alongside an experienced church leader and immerse yourself in the week-to-week running of a church department or ministry, you will learn what it really takes to make ministry work. You will be involved in the development of new ministry initiatives and gain experience managing ministry and exercising influence in a ministry team environment. This development is guided by key members of the Institute faculty through regular coaching sessions.